For Immediate Release    May 1, 2018    New York, NY



HLP Klearfold is honored with a 2018 American

Package Design Award, which celebrates the

power of design to forge an emotional link with

the buyer at the moment of truth.


StiksGroup StiksGroup

Stiks Cosmetiks developed an innovative, non-traditional, rectangular lipstick case made with a highly-reflective metallic silver finish. It has a clear plastic flip-open cap to provide a direct view of the lipstick color. The brand was originally launched in a rather simply decorated, opaque paperboard folding carton, which did not reveal the product’s uniqueness.

With the help of HLP Klearfold, Stiks developed a Klearfold® plastic carton that provides a direct view of the distinctive case and lipstick color. A clear vac-tray in the bottom of the carton holds the case at an angle to the front carton panel and provides the appearance that the case is floating within the clear carton. The cartons were designed with minimal graphics to allow a better view of the lipstick case within.

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