For Immediate Release July 1, 2011 New York, NY



SuperStay 24™ Lipcolor Wins International
Package Design Award for Mass Cosmetic Category



At a ceremony at the 2011 HBA Global Expo at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City, it was announced that Maybelline New York won the International Package Design Award (IPDA), in the Mass-Market Cosmetics Category, for the innovative Klearfold® plastic folding carton used for their SuperStay 24™ Lipcolor new product launch.

Maybelline New York’s marketing group believed that plastic cartons were the best functional packaging choice for their SuperStay 24 Lipcolor product launch, and would best support its new product’s image and branding messages. Beautifully executed plastic cartons like these offer a sleek, value-added appearance, plus allow consumers to view the lipcolor shades directly. Maybelline specified environmentally-preferred APET (amorphous polyester) box-grade plastic for the application, but initially had concerns that APET cartons may not run well enough on their automated filling lines to satisfy their production requirements.

That was before they evaluated Soft Crease® APET cartons from plastic carton technology leader, HLP Klearfold. HLP Klearfold pioneered the development of Soft Crease, RF (radio frequency) scoring of APET, which produces crisp, uniform creases that fold cleanly and square-up easily to support high-speed mechanical filling. Other APET scoring methods leave plastic carton creases stiff, fragile and not suitable for automation.

“We are extremely proud that Maybelline New York chose Klearfold plastic folding cartons as the secondary packaging for SuperStay 24 Lipcolor,” said Steve Frazier, VP North America for HLP Klearfold. “Our precision Soft Crease scoring technology allowed Maybelline NY to fulfill their launch strategy of using high-impact APET plastic cartons for this very demanding, small carton, automated-filling application. In fact, we believe that our Klearfold Maybelline SuperStay 24 Lipcolor cartons are the smallest, machine-fill APET plastic carton in use today.”

In addition to running well, the Klearfold cartons are beautifully printed using high-quality 8-color offset printing. To further support the product’s upscale image and premium positioning, silver hot foil stamped elements were also incorporated into the carton design.

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